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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Indeed I Found A #Treasure Which My #Heart Cherish

Indeed  I Have Found A #Treasure And It Is Not A Treasure #Stored Underground Or A Treasure Stored In A Room Or  In The Air.

Our Wonderful  #God Has Done Something About This Treasure. And This Treasure Was Not For Me But For The People.I Mean The World.

The King Of This World Knows About This Treasure.I Mean #Satan. And  What He Does Regularly Against It Was Not OF My Surprise By Attacking It.

Because God Has Already Made The Source Of This Treasure Despised Or Look down Upon. And This Treasure Is For The #Benefit Of Those That Makes It A Habit To See  Beyond.

#Blessed Are They That Finds This Treasure. And This Treasure Are The #LivingWORDS Place In My #Mouth. Indeed Blessed Are They That Finds It.

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