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Thursday, May 4, 2017


By His Grace,Mercy And Favor Which Have Located Thee To Be Called To Serve And To Be A  Servants Of The Most High. The Lord Has Prepared Thee Before #Apportioned The Task To You. The Holy Spirit And Its Gift Of The Spirit Could Testified About Thee.

Now You Have Become A Watchman Who Looks Over The House Given Thee. So The Master Come Soon Or Later To Requests From Thee To Make Account. His Majesty, The Master Of The House Has Declared, '' If Thou Ashamed To Carry The Job As Watchman, The Master Shall Also Fails Thee Before Their Father.'' 

#Watchman, Watch Out For #Distractions  Which May Temper The #Account You Shall Give Tomorrow. Forget Not The Source Of Their Strength,The Holy Spirit Thou Received From God Through The Savoir Jesus Christ.

Obeying His Directions Should Never Be Far From Thee. For Your Own Directions Leads To Distractions. For He Is Ever Ready To Lead You To #Accomplish The Task The Father Has Given Thee.                  to be continue later.......     

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