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Tuesday, May 16, 2017


To He That Have Ears Let Him Hear What Our Savior Jesus Christ Said!

Give And When Thou Does Alms,Let Not Thy Left Hand Know What Thy Right Hand Doeth :Matthew 6:3

It Is A Good Thing To Give Alms, Jesus Christ said it is more blessed to give than to receive. Giving in secret is giving to God.

If we give and announce it to the world, we are drawing attention to ourselves; and you will have no reward from God.

However, when you give in secret you lend to God and God who sees in secret will reward you openly. The most high wants us to draw attention to Jesus Christ.

In the kingdom of God we praise others and allow others to praise us. Also when we give alms we should expect the blessing from God and not to expect the receivers to give in return.

Let us learn to give alms the right way and we will receive abundant blessings from God. 📢📢📢📢📢📢📢📢📢📢📢

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